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Rings and Bands

A Symbol of Forever


Highlight the Diamonds

Diamonds are masterfully showcased in minimal, finely crafted settings, maximizing their fire and brilliance. We seek out only the best diamonds for our  designs, each of which is personally selected by a member of the family.

Personalized Attention

We present a wide variety of diamond bands that showcase the timeless elegance of a round diamond, set to embrace the finger with remarkable scintillation. The classic gold wedding bands design allows the natural beauty of each diamond to shine through. Available in a range of different carat weights, each diamond in our Bridal Collection is hand selected for its beauty and brilliance.


Meticulously Handcrafted

Perfectly suited to day or evening wear, the artful arrangement of diamonds in our delicately designed rings amplifies the natural radiance of each stone. Our Classic collection is the epitome of elegance - a timeless selection of jewels designed to showcase the remarkable brilliance of the finest Riddhi diamonds. Every piece within the Classic collection is meticulously designed and impeccably handcrafted by our artisans.

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