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The "X" Factor

The graphic "X" Factor collection blazes with white-diamond fire. A striking declaration of love sealed with a scintillating kiss, defined rows of diamonds cross to form the playful motif.


Contemporary design

The X collection is a contemporary marvel and delicate design which is perfect for every woman, girl and strong personali.ty

Define your Style

Make a statement with diamond jewelry that stand out and feels like a part of your daily wear which does define your personal style.


Flaut it Daily

Light weight and forever modern design which makes the jewelry a great investment because you can cherish and flaunt it daily.

Precision setting

Set with the finest diamonds, these very modern declarations of love are sealed with a loving kiss.


The minimalist, contemporary design of our white gold delicately designed collection interprets the motif of a kiss, a universal symbol in the lexicon of love. The striking simplicity of the design is enhanced by a row of gleaming pavé diamonds, which intersects with the white gold to form a precious kiss. The "X" Factor collection includes contemporary diamond pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings that can be worn as minimalist statements or in flirtatious combinations, sealing every day with a kiss.

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