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Our Collections

Riddhi diamonds is high on diamond jewelry and wishes you to experience the same high. The diamonds are carefully selected and the jewelry is delicately handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen. Each collection highlights the beautiful diamonds and makes luxurious jewelry affordable for you.

The Golden Petal Collection

The beautiful center per-shaped diamond is highlighted in every piece of the collection that has a wide range of variety to products in every range. The collection is beautiful yet simple, gorgeous and sober with the look of a gorgeous diamond petal in 18k gold.
The high-quality diamonds, like in every product by us, are carefully selected and procured by the Riddhi family.

The "X" Factor Collection

The Collection design is simple and romantic symbolizing a romantic kiss that lasts forever with the diamonds carefully selected by members of the Riddhi family. Have a look now!


New Products

We are always striving to develop the best and latest designs for you. Many more products are coming up soon.

Keep surfing!

Meanwhile, you can always shop with our existing designs or if you do want a very unique and bespoke experience, do contact us for customisation of your jewelry.

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